Or Crap I Got 200 Post !!!!!

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So My Best Friend Is Acting Super Strange And Im Kinda Worried But Anytime We Talk Now I Alway End Up Like 

At This Point It Seem Like There Nothing More I Can Do But I Was Never The Type To Walk Out And Leave My Friend Stranger During Time Of Trouble . I Really Don’t Know What To Do And Its Draining Me Emotionally, So I’m Just Gonna Have To Let Em Go. I’m Like This Right Now 


I’m Just So Lost !

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There This New Girl She Not New To My School I Just Haven’t Really Notice Here Until Now Since I Got Classes With Her. She Is A Beautiful Down To Earth Rocker Chick And She Know How To Play The Drums.

This Girl Just Had Me Like Woe. I Would Tell You Her Name But I Wanna Keep This Crush A Secret For Now So I’m Nicknaming Her Zel. Oyeah And She’s A Converse Lover Like Me. I’m Blushing Just Writing This Imagine How I Act In Class When She Is Actually There.

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VMA Review

The VMAs This Year Was Alright. The Performances Was Ok. It Was Nothing Special But That Whole Night Went To Momma Monster “GaGa” Winning 9 Award And Release The Name Of Her New Album “Born This Way”. lm Most Deff Getting That Album. I Gotta Admit It Thou The Host Was Hella Funny And The Award Show Was Nice But It Had Nothing On Last Year VMas Which Was In My Hometown NYC Of Course. To Wrap It Up GaGa Owned The Night, Katy Perry Was Being A Hater, Justin Bieber Suck And Most Of The Performances Was Lame. I Can’t Wait For Next Year.

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I Got My Scheduled Today !!!!

First Period: Nothing

Second Period: Gobal History

Third Period: Music

Forth Period: English

Fifth Period: Spanish

Sixth Period: Geometry

Seven Period: Lunch

Eighth Period: Earth Science

Ninth Period: Gym

I Effin Love My Scheduled !!!

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GaGa Won Both !!!! 2 Down 11 To Go !

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